Color Ink Book – Camilla d’Errico Coloring Contest

Right before San Diego Comic-Con we announced that Camilla would be a featured artist in the Color Ink Book Vol. 12 and cover artist for one of the limited-editions. You can check out the blog post for a bunch of stellar images from previous editions of the book, which gives fans the opportunity to D.I.Y. color the work of famous artists all around the world.

The 2011 edition of the Color Ink Book also features an excellent cover by fellow pop-artist Tara McPherson that you can order from the Color Ink Book website.

To celebrate the public launch of this fantastic 100+ page collection, we’re hosting a special D.I.Y. Coloring Contest with two different ways to enter! The contest runs from now until September 30th and is open to everyone worldwide, so don’t delay as time is running out! (We’ve reduced shipping prices to make it easier!)

Option #1:

1) Order a copy of the Color Ink book Vol. 12 from the online store. (The books have to be shipped from the warehouse, so you’ll want to order soon to ensure you have time to create!)

2) Choose any Camilla d’Errico image from the book to color. You can scan the image to color digitally, or color with any medium you decide.

3) Scan, or take a photo of, your completed page from the book and send it to info [at] camilladerrico [dot] com.

Grand Prize: Four different 12″ x 18″ art prints, plus an original page from Color Ink Book Vol.12 that has been colored and signed by Camilla d’Errico.

Option #2:

1) Download Camilla’s black and white Color Ink Book cover image – “Wireseat” – below by right-clicking-save-as.

2) Print your own sheet of the black and white image to color with the medium of your choice, or digitally color the image with computer software.

3) Scan, or take a photo of, your completed page from the book and send it to info [at] camilladerrico [dot] com.

Grand Prize: One randomly selected 12″ x 18″ art print.

[Click for hi-res version.]

[Camilla’s finished, digitally colored cover image.]

For those of you who want to be a little different, we’ve also posted two special black and white images from the Color Ink Book Vol. 12 – “Crocodile Fisherman” and “The Deer God’s Coma” – that you can color for the second option entry on the Facebook and Deviant Art page, where we’ll be posting entries as they are sent to us.

Good luck to all the contestants! And remember, be original! We want to see what you can do!

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