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Camilla d’Errico has big plans for her July conventions, beginning this weekend at Anime Expo Los Angeles! Camilla’s helpers have set up a beautiful display showcasing new prints, books and merchandise (mentioned here ), and we are pleased to announce July’s Charity Print initiative.


Painted for her Spilled Milk Exhibition at Ayden Gallery in June, The Beekeeper expresses Camilla’s concern and empathy for honeybees. Honeybees are increasingly threatened in the wild and are hit hard by things like environmental change, colony collapse syndrome and loss of habitat.


The Ian Somerhalder Foundation makes leaps and bounds for conservation and raising awareness about environmental issues- including honeybees. This months’ charity print, The Beekeeper, will be sold online, and at Camilla’s booths at Anime Expo LA and San Diego Comic Con to raise money for donation. 50% of the sale of each Beekeeper print in July will go to the ISF to support their efforts.
You can find The Beekeeper, and support Camilla’s charity print initiative, on her eStore here


How else can we help? Show your support by liking and following ISF on facebook, or tweeting @IS_Foundation @helmetgirl


Anime Expo LA


Find Camilla’s helpers, and manager & elder sister AdaPia d’Errico, at AXLA Booth#4723 . The first 100 visitors to the booth will receive a plush specter toy as a special gift!



If you have any questions about July’s charity print, AXLA or how you can help ISF, drop us a line at info@camilladerrico.com

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