Update About ‘Tanpopo’ Kickstarter & Calgary Expo

Hi everyone,

Firstly I want to thank every backer for my Tanpopo Hardcover project for waiting so patiently, and supporting me so faithfully. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

Our first printing of Tanpopo Hardcovers our team has met some misfortune; the whole shipment of Tanpopo Hardcover Slipcover editions was damaged in 3rd party handling. However, our whole team is working double-overtime to replace them, and get them ready for fulfillment. For backers and supporters who have been there for me every step of the way, you deserve nothing less than a beautiful high quality collectible book!

We’re so fortunate that we have your patience and support while we address the damaged shipment; overfunding on the campaign has been a godsend in putting out this little fire, and making sure you receive the best quality rewards for your support.

Our d’Errico Studios Ltd. e-Store and Shipping helper, Tasha, will be personally e-mailing shipment tracking ID#s for your Signed Books, Shikishi, Toys and Prints when they ship. Signed books and prints will be ready and in the mail in the coming weeks.

Backers receiving a SDCC Buddha Kuro can expect them shipping separately from DKE Toys in California.

Local Vancouver, Canada Backers are more than welcome to contact us at info@camilladerrico.com to arrange a pickup at my art studio.

Your questions or concerns about Tanpopo Hardcover and shipping are welcome at info@camilladerrico.com

Putting together this amazing book, and sharing it with you, couldn’t have been possible without your support and patience. I’m so thankful to have fans like you!



P.S. – To all my Calgary fans, I hope to see you this weekend at Calgary Expo! We’ll have lots of art, books, and clothes and some prototypes of items coming out later this year. ^_^

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