Hi! Did everyone have a great Christmas?!  And did you celebrate the New Year with friends galore?!  Taking a short break to enjoy friends and family was just what I needed!

Let me tell you what the general plan is for 2010, because it is already jam-packed with comics, paintings, toys, conventions, and goodies.  We’ve changed the EVENTS CALENDAR on the website. You can now find it under the BLOG on the left as its own category.  Bookmark this site so you always know what’s coming up!  All the event info, and more is on the Fanpage too.

PAINTINGS – This year I’ve got a solo show in Rome, which opens June 5th.  The gallery is called Mondo Bizzarro and I’m going to be at the opening.  I’ll be painting an entire collection of Helmetgirls.  Between now and then there are a few other shows going on: the first is the HE MAN show at Gallery 1988 LA. This one opens on January 8th. I wish I could be there!  I’ve posted the work in progress shots here.  I’ve also got a few pieces for a special show at the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, that opens February 13th, right as the Olympics take over the city.  The show is an all-Canadian, all-BC group with me, Peter Taylor, Ben Tour and Lani Imre.  I’m going to explore nature and culture a little more in depth with these paintings.


COMICS – Sky Pirates finishes with issue 5 in January. The series has been grueling to draw, but also fun. I’ve poured my heart and soul into it, and you can tell by the detail in the images. 2010 will be the year of Tanpopo 3 & 4, as well as some cover art coming for Elephantmen, Cloudscape, and of course, Little Red Riding Hood for Fractured Fables (Silverline).  I’m also working on a top secret graphic novel project that I hope to soon tell the world about!


CONVENTIONS: This year you’ll see me, Nancy and my merchandise all over the countries (Canada/US)! We’re hitting 15 conventions, including San Diego Comic Con with a booth in the dealer’s room! Oh yes, moving UP.  We’ve got a ton of great stuff coming, including the new line of clothing, a new postcard set from Last Gasp, new art cards and new prints, as well as something truly special – Jewelry! Stay tuned for more!

Picture 3

I’m looking forward to 2010, and all that it will bring. I especially look forward to meeting everyone that’s out there, and who supports me in everything I do.

All the best to you for 2010. It’s gonna be epic ^_^


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