KochxBos Gallery

Brand New Art is Coming to the Netherlands


The KochxBos (www.kochxbos.com) in Amsterdam will be having it’s Popland 2.0 show opening to the public on March 12!

Featuring art from Camilla and other pop artists like Ciou, Sasaku Kusuriyubi, Victor Castillo, and more! Popland is born from the idea of assembling emergent and contemporary artists from the neo pop or neo Popsurrealism scene from Japan, USA, France and more.


Mycelium Muse- an homage to to fantastic fungi and the incredible world of mushrooms and their connectivity

Camilla is so excited to be a part of this talented group of artists, and hopes that you’ll check out her contributions on kochxbos.com and via the gallery’s planned livestream! We sadly don’t have a link to the livestream yet, but you’ll be able to find that information closer to the release on Camilla’s site ( camilladerrico.com ) and her instagram ( @camilladerrico )


Self-Pawtrait- the first time Camilla is showing the inner magic of felines

If you are interested in purchasing one of Camilla’s new pieces, please reach out to the gallery via email at gallery@kochxbos.com

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