May 8th is Mother’s Day and it’s right around the corner.

May 8th is Mother's Day and it's right around the corner- Are you ready?!


A Spa Day themed box is coming to The Camilla Store April 22 at 9amPST!

Inside your box you’ll find a complete set of goodies ready to hand to mom- no wrapping necessary!
Each box will contain the brand new, super soft Sister Cerulean kimono, Bahama Mama bath salts, a facial, and a completely new product- an eye mask featuring art from Harietta!

There are only 50 available so don’t wait to grab yours. Get one for the mom in your life… and one for yourself!


Slip into a bath or cuddle into your covers and soothe yourself with a comforting eye mask! This beautifully crafted mask features art from Lady Purpura. 


Ready to escape for the summer? Pack your goodies into this canvas mini bag featuring art from Fayette.

It might be small in size but it’s still big on space- use for makeup, med kids, colored pencils, or a pop of color for a night out! The choice is yours!

Don’t wait to snatch up all of these amazing new products on April 22 at 9amPST on camilladerrico.com
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