New Year, New Prints 2023

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New Year, New Prints 2023

Goodbye 2022! Thank you for coming on this artistic journey with me, and I hope you’re ready for a brand new beginning. 


With the coming of 2023, I’m happy to release a BRAND NEW set of prints to represent the diversity of life! These prints will be available in the shop on January 2, 2023!

“Agent of Reflexivity”


This print is 2023’s exclusive!

She tells the story of the duality of consciousness and unconsciousness. This painting is meant to pose the question of if the figure is conscious, or dreaming? Is this reality or a dream? The two different colored eyes represent the duality of reality,



She represents the mystery of the oceans, the wildness of nature juxtapozed with graceful nocturnal fish that crown her head. I really love the planet and its incredible diversity of life 💙 It’s my deepest wish that the world can set aside its differences and appreciate how beautiful we all are. We are all children of this planet.

“Charm Feeder”


This painting debuted in December of 2022 at Haven Gallery. It examines the dichotomy of color versus absence of color. You can own a print of this!

“Mr Sausage”


This little guy also debuted in December of 2022 at Haven Gallery. After the crazy year we all had, I wanted to bring some joy and happiness!

The Zodiacs

These 12 prints are my interpretation of the 12 astrological zodiac signs! 

I tried to portray the many shapes, sizes, colors and personalities that make each girl who they are as individuals. My exploration of the zodiac highlights the astrological nature and characteristics that serve to supplement the unique makeup of each and every one of us. Animal counterparts are companions and extensions of the female psyche. I love using the symbolism of the furry, aquatic and wild portrayed commonly in horoscopes.

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