Auction for Japan at Arludik Gallery in Paris

This Saturday, the Arludik Gallery in Paris is hosting the opening of the Tsunami Project CFSL that will benefit Give2Asia, and there will proudly be an original Camilla d’Errico piece in the space. The invitation is below, and if you read French you can get all of the details.


Camilla’s piece is titled “Oil Leak” and we hope whatever proceeds raised will help recovery efforts as efficiently as possible. To see the full range of art that is being used for aid, you can download the PDF catalog from the gallery’s website. There are several beautiful works in the collection!

If you like the image below, please feel free to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever to help bring about more awareness for the charity auction. And if you have the means, please donate to the organization using the link above. To see a larger version of “Oil Leak” simply click on the picture.

2011 OilLeak

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