August Updates

Where in the World is Camilla? Silence. I sent out a flurry of updates and posts before leaving for Asia since there were so many collateral things going on while I was preparing for the Singapore convention. After Singapore, I spent a week in Tokyo, which was a dream come true and a taste of manga and anime Heaven!
A few things to tell you about, while I was gone.  My latest commercial work for Dark Horse was officially released August 12th. My artwork is on the cover of “MySpace Dark Horse Presents” Volume 3.  This is the image.  The best part about this is that you can buy your copy now! You can get it from TFAW, or from Dark Horse.
And I have an update about the Mighty Mugg Auction — someone has bought Oola. What a great cause to have donated to (Make a Wish Foundation).
So you might be asking, ok where are the photos from Singapore?!?!  I’ve got’em!  Here are a couple, the rest are all on Facebook, on the fanpage.  Here is a small gallery of pics, including photos of the sweet, sweet girl who won Buddha Kuro. He is HUGE, gargantuan, what a belly!
And if you want to see me in giddy, happy, convention mode, check out the booth crash video from Kidrobot …
All in all, Singapore was not only fun, but eye opening! We’re learning more about what people like out there, and I admit I didn’t expect to sell out! I had to cut up my wall!  They devoured the Sparrow artbook, the special French art cards, and the Tanpopo books!  Since I’m planning on going back next year, I’ll bring a lot more of those 🙂
And here’s a fun little tidbit … recognize it? If you do, then you know what this means!!!
Since coming back at the end of August I’ve been tucked away in my apartment pulling all-nighters in a desperate fight against time and deadlines … the drama, the tears, the cramped hands!  What’s all the fuss about? My upcoming gallery show at Thinkspace, Vain Remains, opens next Friday, September 11th.  It is a two person show with Caia Koopman. I’ll tell more about the paintings in a later post, and include preview pics too. In the meantime, for anyone who wants more information on the show, you can check out Arrested Motion, Sourharvest, Juxtapoz and the Thinkspace site.
Next post will be all about my paintings, so for those who aren’t yet on the preview list, contact Thinkspace Gallery so you can see the full preview, in case you want to buy one of these.
Over and Out!

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  1. Will you be there at Thinkspace this Friday? Been following your work for a while now and I would love to get a chance to get a personal autograph ! ^__^

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