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San Diego Comic Con

Comic Con in San Diego is just around the corner and the excitement is building. This year”s comic-con is going to be intense and full of releases, launches, special editions and surprises. As always, I”ll have plenty of new goodies!

I’ll be at the Arcana booth signing for BURN. The issues have done so well and we”ll soon be announcing an exciting new development around the series.

Serena Valentino won’t make it to San Diego this year, which I”m sad for because we have so much fun and she is so sweet. I”ll still be at the SLG booth for Nightmares and Fairytales and you might be able to catch a glimpse of the collected trade with all 5 final stories and special cover designed by me!

Also this year, I”ll be at the Cardboard Spaceship stand for a special signing of 50 limited edition prints that compliment the Beasts of Burden Vinyl Show! The Beasts show is all about the Adfunture YOKA Panda and a group of artists” personalized interpretation of the blanks! The show opens on Friday night at Subtext.

So for anyone and everyone attending, please come by and see me!
My signing schedule is:

Thursday: 12 – 1:30 pm (Arcana booth 2514)
3 – 5 pm (SLG booth 1815)
Friday: 12:30 – 2 pm (SLG)
2 – 3 pm (Carboard Spaceship booth 4737)
4:30 – 5:30 pm (Arcana)
Saturday: 10 – 11 (Arcana)
12:30 – 2 pm (SLG)
3 – 5 pm (SLG)
Sunday: 1 – 2 pm (Arcana)
3 – 5 pm (SLG)

Hope to see you there!

Solo Show Update and Group Show Coming Up!

The opening night of my solo show at Copro Nason last Saturday was a big success, in the face of a capricious Fate, which still has not returned my lost paintings. For those of you who may not have heard, 6 of the paintings were lost by the Canada-US Post and are still missing. We are all hoping and praying that they locate them. So, Cruel Fate, I won”t be defeated by this, and life goes on! For anyone still interested in buying a painting, there is one coloured left, and the black and whites, and some of the missing pieces are waitlisted but I don”t know which. Please ask Gary Pressman at Copro for more information.Speaking of moving on, this Friday, July 18th, and running for only two days, is the giant group show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The show is curated by M Modern Gallery and in honor of 944 Magazine”s 3rd anniversary. The line-up of artists in the show is nothing short of jaw dropping and I still have to pinch myself to believe I”m a part of it. Check out the M Modern site for the full list!

Next up after Las Vegas are two group shows in August – one at Distinction Gallery and Crazy for Cult at G1988. Of course I”ll send updates about those closer to the show dates, which lead into a couple of big shows in the Fall in New York.

Thanks to everyone for believing so much in me as my solo show attests. Knowing that my paintings were this well received filled me with total joy. So help me pray, cross your fingers and wish my paintings a safe journey to the Gallery so that they can go to their new owners” homes, where they rightly belong! And stay tuned for the summer group shows!!

Taipei Toy Festival Here I Come!

July is shaping up to be a really busy month, complete with comic conventions, gallery shows including a vinyl toy show, and of course, the International Taipei Toy Festival!

I”ll be sitting at booth A-56, A-57 with OSO Design House, promoting my new line of handbags and accessories! I”ll be posting with details about the bags as soon as I can.  I”ll also be there to help promote the Bax Bears and the Artist Line of t-shirts including some with new designs based on my Tanpopo graphic novel.

I”d like to thank Michael Zhu, founder of OSO, who is hosting me at the Fair and who has been doing a great job of promoting the products.  We”ve been working round the clock to get everything prepared for Taipei and the launch is going to be nothing short of spectacular!

This will be my fist time in Asia, and what better place than the toy festival! Woohoo! Keep your eyes peeled because you”ll soon be hearing more about the handbags, toys, accessories, t-shirts … and so much more.

Solo Show Coming Up!!

I am extremely proud and excited to announce to everyone that on July 12th, at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, I will be showing 20 pieces in the first SOLO SHOW of my career.

I”ve really been pouring my soul into these paintings, as well as a few buckets of elbow grease! They are turning out amazingly and I”m sure you”ll absolutely love them.

For anyone interested in acquiring a piece, please contact Gary at Copro Nason and ask to be put on the preview list (1-310-829-2156). And for a little taste of what is in store for my Waterfall of Dreams, here is a picture of a work in progress.

Even though I won”t personally be able to attend the opening reception, I invite everyone who can make it, to go to Copro Nason. The gallery itself is spacious and beautiful, the crowd turnout is amazing, and of course, seeing the paintings in person is a different experience. I promise you will be transported into another realm.

To all my loyal collectors, fans and friends, thank you for supporting me and for giving me the inspiration and motivation to prepare for this pivotal and important show. And special thanks to David Freeman and to Gary at Copro Nason for the opportunity to express myself through my paintings in such a big way.