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Returning to San Diego Comic Con July 18-22 Part3

It’s almost here! I’ve been painting up a storm for SDCC… or should I say, a SWARM of cute cuddly little Pop Culture inspired fuzzbutt bees! Original framed paintings like these adorable fuzzbums and more will be available at booth 4723 where I’ll be signing starting Wednesday July 18th. Preview night opens at 5pm so visit booth 4723 early for the most selection of original artworks, and to get your prints and books signed by me!

New purses, cosmetic bags and handbags are coming to booth 4723! These circle purses are a great size for an every day bag on the go. They come with a shoulder strap and zipper closure! And the cosmetic bags make great travelbags or bags for craft and art supplies. You can fit so much inside!

A new collection of printed vintage plates is coming to booth 4723! Each plate is one-of-a-kind so be sure to visit early to collect your favorite. There will be a variety of sizes and prices, good for new collectors and for magnificent collections!


New prints are coming to booth 4723! And I’ll sign em all for ya! You can come pick up a cute fuzzy bee print or one of these adorbs new Pop Culture inspired bees! Quantities are limited though so visit early in the show before they all fly to new homes!





Check it out! New stickers, boo yeah! These 4″ vinyl beauties are weatherproof and great just about anywhere like your laptop, sketchbook, waterbottle, or even on your car!

Dancing with the Ghosts of Whales

Hey everyone! So guess what i just got in the mail? I now have available copies of Nightmares and Fairytales TradePaperBack!!This is really exciting because it collects all 5 issues that Serena Valentino wrote and created and i illustrated. Plus this collection includes exclusive pinups drawn by the previous NF artists, and myself.Go to my ONLINE STORECiao, ciao!Camilla


Ola! I have returned from my amazing trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Anime Weekend Atlanta! I..’ll post pics and updates from the show very soon. In the meantime i..’ll be jogging off all the deep fried goodness i had down there, oh mamma those southerners know how to fry up some tasty food…including pickles! o_OI wanted to share with you some Blogs that mentioned me, they are pretty cool, so check em out!! And post back if you can 😛





Anime Weekend Atlanta

Hey Everyone! As always, i’m hear to let you know that i’ll be jetting off to Atlanta for the huge anime convention AWA!
I will be a special guest there this year and i’ll even be doing some panels!! So if you are in the area come and have some fun at the convention and visit me in the dealers room or come meet me at the panels.
I’ll be doing 3 and they are all going to be lots of fun, i’ll be sharing my history on how i got into manga and comics and how i draw them from script to final product!

Go to the official site AWA Convention.

Ciao! Ciao!

Upcoming Comic & Convention Events!

This weekend is an intense weekend of Comic Cons for me in Vancouver!!

ANIME EVOLUTION 2008 this year has a new location at UBC in Vancouver.
This year i will have a table in the DEALERS Room, the table will be full of lots of NEW merchandise, including keychains, buttons, tshirts and books. I will also have two tables in the ARTIST’S ALLEY there i will be signing and selling prints, comics and sketchbooks. So make sure to come visit me at both booths!
Times and locations will be posted on the ANIME EVOLUTION 2008 website, so check back before the weekend to get the info.

Here’s some info Comix and Stories.
This will be the first time the show will be held at the VAG and will be inside and part of the KRAZY! exhibit.

Comix and Stories Press

I will be at the VAG from 11am-4pm on Sunday and then i’ll be off to UBC for the rest of Anime Evolution.

Come to my dealers booth at Anime Evolution on Saturday, quantities are limited for the merch so come early!!
See you all this weekend!

Comic Con Aftermath

Hey all, i am back home safe and sound…although i did loose my voice from all the talking i did at SDCC! It was really great seeing so many of you there and meeting all the wonderful new people that came by the booths.
I am so happy to have such wonderful people enjoy my work, you are all so amazing to me!

Here are some pics for those who missed the fun times!

Check out the line up just to get our pro badges….the line for pre-registration was INSANE!!

Preview night was like swimming up stream in a river full of salmon…it was crazy.

There I am signing some pre-released copies of the collected trades. They sold out by the second day!! I was so thrilled that people liked the book. I only wish Serena had been there with me, she was dearly missed at the con!

The last night there…so beautiful!!

I’ll post more pics soon!

Ciao! Ciao!

Squidhead and InkStuds

I’m a blogging machine lately 😛

But I wanted to send out an invite to Vancouverites to come and visit me at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday for Squidhead! Its part of the KRAZY! exhibition going on all month. This special event is hosted by the gallery but is OUTSIDE the gallery.

I will be there along with Cloudscape. Its a great chance to come by and buy some comics and prints and just chill.

The event is this Saturday, July 19th from 12pm-4pm! VAG Events

And for those of you who like podcasts here is the link for you! I was just on the radio, Inkstuds is the show that’s all about comics. So i talk a lot about my comics and go on random tangents. If you feel like listening to an hour of me chatting then check out the link!


And yes, i really am that silly.

Ciao! Ciao!