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San Diego Comic Con!

Hey all! So its almost that time, and i’m tingly with anticipation for the big big con next week!!

I have a few places where i’ll be signing, so here is my schedule for those who will be there and would like to swing by and say hello and pick up some con exclusives!

Including, Arcana’s release of the 3rd issue of BURN, along with issue 1 of Burn VARIANT with sketchpage on the back, and my own selection of prints etc.

Also, SLG is pre-releasing the collected trade of Nightmares and Fairytales from issues 19-23…all my issues all in one book ^__^

Not to mention I’ll be signing at Cardboard Spaceship for an hour and I’ll be showing off my hand painted YOKA bear with special limited edition prints and pins just for the event!

Come by and say hello, i really love meeting people and it would make me the happiest artist in the world to have your support at the con!

Thursday: 12 – 1:30 pm (Arcana booth 2514) —– 3 – 5 pm (SLG booth 1815)

Friday: 12:30 – 2 pm (SLG) —— 2 – 3 pm (Carboard Spaceship booth 4737) —– 4:30 – 5:30 pm (Arcana)

Saturday: 10 – 11 (Arcana) ——– 12:30 – 2 pm (SLG) ——- 3 – 5 pm (SLG)

Sunday: 1 – 2 pm (Arcana) ——- 3 – 5 pm (SLG)

See you there!

Ciao! ciao!

Taipei ToyFare!

I just spent the last five days in Taiwan for the Taipei Toy Festival!! It was an amazing trip. It was my first time in Asia and let’s just say that it was love at first landing ^_^ The people there were so wonderful, kind and so very lovely.

I was there to launch my new handbag and accessory line with OSO Designs, creators of BaxBears. The handbags and bracelets are stunning! I can’t wait for them to be available here and for further updates you can check out the website OSO

Here are some pics from the trip. Enjoy!!!

Look at the beautiful bags OSO made!

Booth Setup…before the madness.

The madness begins!!

Look at what happened! The kind and proud owner of “Seven Weeping Swans” came by the booth with the original painting. It was so amazing to be reunited with my painting ^__^

I even did a signing. I was amazed by the wonderful response.

Check out Momo Tarou…the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! I wanted to buy it but the only thing they would sell me were the apples….T-T

Look at the beautiful side streets…full of fruit, clothing and tons and tons of 7 Elevens!!

At dusk and so lovely.

Look at this amazing temple, imense and gorgeous.

Did i mention the giant fruit!! That’s a manilla mango…its the size of a newborn!!

My final contribution to the toy festival.

It was a really great trip, i can’t wait to return next year! I want to say hi to my new friends at Devil Robots, Tim, Dan, Emily and Jimmy ^_^


Copro Show Work in Progress

Hey everyone! I was just putting the final touches on my pieces and thought that it would be fun to share with you some shots of a piece for the show. Here is my work in progress of “The Egg Picnic”

Step 1 – the outline

Step 2 – color in the lines

Step 3 – what lines??

Step 4 – just keep painting….

Step 5 – voila!

I really missed a couple of inbetweens there…i got sucked up in the painting! Hope you enjoy. And don’t forget to check out my website and copro nason for a preview of the show. This is my first solo in LA and i’ve been working really hard on these. Hope you love em as much as i do!

Ciao! Ciao!

BURN 2 in stores!

Hey all! So guess what? The second volume of BURN is out now. I’m super excited to have this released, and so soon too ^__^ The story really starts to pick up at this point and Burn’s world takes a turn for the disturbing. Check it out.

And a big thanks to all of you who bought issue number one! i’m sure you’ll love this next issue and believe me when i say this is just the beginning!!

Nightmares Final Issue out

Hello everyone,

So I am happy and sad today, because i can announce the release of Nightmares and Fairytales 23 in stores and sad to report that this is the final issue of the series.
It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with Serena on this series. Her wonderful writing, darling character and inspiration has made this one of my favourite books to ever draw.
Thank you Serena!

Cover art, a colaboration between myself and the mucho talented Jeff Simpson ^__^

Raw art from the book, enjoy the spoils of behind the scenes!

I loved this storyline and i especially loved that jerko Lucas…sexy yet what a bastard!

I’d like to give a special thank you to the fans of SLG and of Nightmares who have supported us. I hope you enjoy the final issue.
But fret not, this summer the collected trade of issues 19-23 will be ready just in time for Comic Con 2008!

All my love to the readers, and SLG and Serena!

Anime North Picture Time

Hey everyone,

Well i’m back from Toronto after the 3 day anime con, Anime North, and what an insane weekend it was!
Thank you for coming out and seeing me, i had a lot of fun chatting and making new friends, and i especially enjoyed all you cosplayers out there! Kudos!!

Here are some fun pics!

Manning my booth 😛

It got seriously crowded!

Its Gaara!!! OMG love this character and what a killer costume ^_^

My favourite girls there! They won for best cosplay and who wouldn’t give them a prize, i’m in love with these outfits. You did Nihei proud girls!! ^__^

The launch of my hats with Punchbrand was a huge sucess! Just look at these cuties who are sporting theirs ^__^

I want to specially thank Glynis and Jason at Punchbrand and DMF Comics for being wonderful hosts and helping me out at the con!


Anime North Toronto!

Anime North 2008
May 23-25, 2008

Doubletree International Plaza Hotel
Toronto Congress Center
Renaissance Toronto Airport Hotel

Anime North

Ola! So this weekend is Anime North. This will be my first time back in Ontario in 15years…yikes that’s a long time! And I am happy to be attending my first East Coast anime convention as a special guest. ^__^
Come by and say hello, i have lots of goodies as always and one of a kind tshirts!! Yeah for merchandise!
And as a special treat, this weekend is the launch of my new line of hats with Punchbrand!! Check them out….

Panda hats with helmetgirls. They turned out so well, i was really blown away by the quality, super cute too!

See you soon!


Emerald City Con

Next weekend is EMCC! I will be attending in the artist alley, my booth number is C-06 and i will also be signing with Arcana studios to launch BURN 1!!! So stop by and say hello, I will be so happy to meet you all and show you all my new things.

I have two new tshirt designs, very limited for the show, as well as two new sketchbooks, a new postcard set and new prints!!! This is a sneak peeking of what i will have a the show. I do hope to see you there, and if you miss the show, you can always go to my website to see when the next show will be!

A mob of head trauma victims, recruited to face any uncomfortable and disturbing situation by makings us feel better about our own petty bouts of daily angst! Postcard Book 4!! Enjoy.

An opened window into the unrefined world of my artist’s mind! This sketchbook collects an assortment of my helmetgirls and sketches from Nightmares and Fairytales as well as Tanpopo!

Here is a link to the Emerald City site. I also have a new pinup that i did for BlueShift that will be available at the show. Check it out!


Can’t wait to see you all in Seattle!!

Ciao! Ciao!