Back From New York!

Hello, hello!

I am back from New York, after a crazy fun convention and rampaging around the city with my sister! Apart from the arctic chill on Wednesday and Thursday, we managed to see a bit of the city, go to the Guggenheim on the only day it was closed (!), get lost on the subway, eat the Woody Allan sandwich and then cheesecake at Carnegie’s. 


I wanted to thank EVERYBODY who came out to Brooklyn on Thursday night to Ad Hoc for the print release signing party, especially thanks to Allison, Garrison and Andrew. It was awesome to see the gallery and hang out! Some prints are still available, they are so amazing, so for anyone who was unsure about getting one – trust me – they are worth getting!  If anyone has photos from that night please send them to me! Nick Zinn took some rockin pictures, check out his link here. And here are a couple pics from the night:


The convention itself on the weekend was packed, literally packed. Tickets for Saturday sold out and Sunday was overflowing with comic fan goodness! I’ll be back at the next con, October 2010, hopefully with my own table :)).

And in keeping with the comic theme, check out the Vampy Cats mini comic I did for Dark Horse Myspace Presents!

I’ll be posting soon about a couple of other new developments … so exciting!!!! For now, I need to recover my voice because, as usual, I lost it!

4 thoughts on “Back From New York!

  1. yay! glad to hear you had a good time. Aren’t the sandwiches at the Carnegie deli insane? The woody allen is like a plate of meat with bread as garnish!

  2. You’re based in vancouver right? Are you going to do some vending at AnimeEvolution, although, I’m not sure if you consider yourself an animeartist, but I’m sure you could still seel your stuff there.

    I was able to grab BridgeMagazine and read about you and you’ve got yourself a new fan, i’d be ecstatic if you were at AE.

  3. Hi there,
    I WILL be at AE 🙂 Thanks for being my new fan!!!

    And welcome also from Sweden … wow I am so happy happy to be discovered all the way out there.

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