Black Friday Sale + New Items

As shopping for the Holiday Season is ready to kick-off, we’re happy to release some brand-new products into the E-Store, as well as offer some exciting sales!

To start, the No Ordinary Love Fine Art Print is now in-stock and available for the low price of $55.00, a great value if you’ve ever wanted to see the detail of a Camilla d’Errico original without owning an actual painting. The ink and paper quality of this fine art print is truly superb.

There are three new mini-prints now available, including Cherry Jubilee, The Plane, and Frenemies! As a special treat, all unsigned mini-prints are onsale for 2 for $30, helping you save $10 in case you want to get one as a gift and one to keep.

If you’re looking for something to hang on a wall without having to worry about framing the piece, we’re now offering a new line of Art Blocks that are portable, easy-t0-hang, and still showcase the beautiful work. New images include:

Cherry Jubilee

The Plane

Neo New York


Bird’s Nest

The Mermaid

There are also some great new accessories available, like the Royal Egg Watcher and Sweet Peacock lace bracelets, Royal Egg Watcher and Sweet Peacock lace rings, a Royal Egg Watcher lace necklace, Royal Egg Watch and Bad Madeline gold & black lace rings, and Royal Egg Watcher and Sweet Peakcock silver rings starting at $20.00.

If you really want to set your space apart, we have some incredibly soft and stylish Art Pillows featuring images from Yuuta, No Ordinary Love, and Innocent Eve!

Finally, if you’ve ever had you’re eye on one of the limited-edition Hamburger Disco t-shirts, now’s the time to get one because they’re marked-down from $35 to only $25!

From everyone at d’Errico Studios, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and safe shopping. If you have any questions about purchasing, be sure to check out new Facebook and Twitter pages where you can ask questions and get feedback about general or specific issues. Thanks for supporting independent artists this year!

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