Buff Monster Show & New Ebook

Hi!  How many of you made it out to GR2 to see Buff Monster’s ‘Monster Within’ show??  This was a cool custom show with lots of Buff’s friends who did custom mini buff toys, including me!


There are so many awesome artists who’ve painted Buff’s toys and Buff has all the photos up on his Flickr.  The show runs until August 4th at Giant Robot 2, on Sawtelle in LA.

This is my piece, Cherry Lifesaver:



And remember Neo New York? The digital painting everyone loves so much? Well, it is finally in the IdN Neo York book, full of other artists’ interpretations too!

I was also recently interviewed by Daniel Bergevin, editor and owner of Capitalized Living.  He’s put together a lovely e-book with my interview and images.  It turned out really well, and the download is free, so go check it out and his site! And I hope that my e-book inspires you too ^_^


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