BURN is now a Graphic Novel

I’m very proud today to announce that my mini-series, BURN, is being published as a graphic novel by Simon Pulse!

BURN was my first creator-owned story and series, and it was published by Arcana Comics. Now we’re moving up, into graphic novel territory and I hope that everyone who hasn’t had a chance to read it, or who doesn’t like single issues, will pick up the graphic novel.

I even designed a brand new cover for it!  I don’t currently have any of these available for sale, but they will be widely available at bookstores, and on book buying sites like Amazon or directly from Simon Pulse.


Special thanks to Sean O’Reilly, Quenton Shaw, Michael del Rosario for all their work and help with getting BURN to this stage.  We’re all looking forward to seeing how much more we can grow with BURN.

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