The C.O.P. Guide to Etiquette – Strychinin Gallery Berlin

It’s a pleasure to announce the opening of The C.O.P Guide to Etiquette show at the Strychinin Gallery in Berlin, Germany – a brand-new art opening that runs until September 4th, based around female artists creating their own interpretation of Victorian-era guides.

The original Camilla d’Errico piece is titled “Bad Table Manners” and is available for sale:

“A lady, also, should not be ravenous at table; neither should she talk of eating or of the dishes.”—The Habits of good society : a handbook for ladies and gentlemen, 1866. [Click for a larger view.]

The show is being presented by an awesome Australian magazine called Chicks On Powertrips, and features some plaster model casts of different celebrity’s breasts that have been painted by famous artists to promote the non-profit cancer organization Keep A Breast.

Mimi S. art on Kate Von D mold.

Wee Flowers art on German actress Natalia Avelon mold.

Ron English art on Yasha Young mold.

To see more art that will be in the opening, please visit The C.O.P Guide to Etiquette page, and if you are interested in purchasing the original Camilla d’Errico piece titled “Bad Table Manners,” please contact the Strychinin Gallery to arrange price and shipping.

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