Camilla d’Errico Antique Chair

You are not imagining things — that’s a real chair! This beautiful chair is a one and only chair made by the most lovely couple – Chloe and Kevin of Rubbish Rehab.

We embarked on this adventure/collaboration to mix our love of antique furniture with my art to create a limited edition series of chairs. Every chair is, in its own way, unique – a one of a kind because each frame is individually hand picked and refurbished. No two chairs will ever be the same!

Also the chair series will be limited to 10 chairs of any one design.  This is truly one of the most creative and interesting collaborations we’ve done so far!






Technical and process info from Rubbish Rehab:

“Loveless Bird” has been portrayed in a new way on this antique chair for your viewing AND seating pleasure. Who knew you could get a two for one on art and home decor combined into one amazing throne. These chairs are a limited edition item and will not be in mass production.

Listing is for one antique chair that has been stripped, painted in a classic white, and finished with a clear coat enamel for durability. Fabric is an upholstery weight canvas that has been treated with scotchgard to help prevent future spills from setting in.


I hope you love the chairs as much as we do!  Any questions can be directed to Chloe and Kevin – truly passionate and skilled artisans!

They take antique, vintage chairs and breathe new life into them.  You can see all their projects on their new website and Etsy store. Email them for more info.

7 thoughts on “Camilla d’Errico Antique Chair

  1. This is a great idea, and so beautifully executed! I like where the prints have been located (especially her face peeking from the side of the back) I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Hi Camilla! I love this chair so much. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s truly amazing but sadly out of my price range. I hope you will consider making Loveless Bird into a print, either one of your limited edition fine art prints or one of your less expensive open run prints – for at least that I could afford, and Loveless Bird is one of your best and most evocative works for sure. And I’m still dreaming of the day when you have your own line of fabrics… imagine sewing something with little Helmetgirls or Octogirls in a sweet repeat all over. The wallpapers were wicked, but with fabrics there are SO many cool Camilla things that DIYers could dream up! All my love to you. And hugs and prayers for Japan. Your enduring fanboy, TJ

    1. hi TJ, that’s super sweet of you! And it just so happens that Loveless Bird will be a print very, very soon! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂
      Fabrics and home decor are something I’m definitely getting into more, and I’m making some inroads. Thanks for your ideas and support! Camilla ^_^

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