Awesome Tattoo from Poland

A really dedicated fan in Poland decided to get the painting “Lions and Lambs” inked on her back, and her husband was kind enough to send in some photos of the amazing results. Apparently the process took nearly nine hours of work – so much pain for beauty! Thanks to tattoo artist Marcin Liana for doing such excellent work. Check out the photos below, they can all be opened to bigger versions by clicking on them, and let us know what you think in the comment section.


First, the outline must be done.


Then some shading and spot coloring, which can take a long time.


Rich blues and other colors are added, including more details.


The shinny, rainbow-like design came out very nice.

The tattoo artist isn’t quite done yet, though. Plans to add more colors and details, especially to the lambs, are being made. We wish our Polish friends the best of the luck.

Do you have a Camilla d’Errico tattoo, or know someone who does? Let’s share them with the world! Leave a note below and hopefully we can show a gallery of work soon.

3 thoughts on “Awesome Tattoo from Poland

  1. awesome, I have it on the wall but on skin is so impressive, compliments to the artists (both) and to the woman.

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