Camilla’s The Rogue & The Wanted for Fiction Clemens

Camilla d’Errico and Josh Wagner have done it again! Working on Sky Pirates of Neo Terra together wasn’t going to be the last we heard of this dynamic artist-author duo. Wagner’s rolling out a May 31st release of his newly compiled graphic novel.

Author Josh Wagner started his Fiction Clemens Western adventure in 2008 with 3 oversize volumes. Pinups by Camilla d’Errico, Chris Morino, Kiva Singh, Anthony Gregori, Freedom Drudge and Will Childress are featured in this new collected May 31st TPB release.


If you haven’t read this cult classic favourite yet, you can find the new trade paperback with Camilla’s pinup here on Amazon. Sometimes likened to a Futuristic Western meets Wizard Of Oz, it’s hard to put down!


Without further ado, here’s Camilla’s new inked piece “The Rogue And The Wanted” for Fiction Clemens TPB!


Camilladraws character Syllabus Shivvers for Fiction Clemens
Character “Syllabus Shivvers” from Fiction Clemens. Inked Lineart 11×17″

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