Canvas Replicas now available

TAG Gallery and will now be carrying stretch canvas replicas of some of my most popular and in-demand prints. The guys at TAG have a great concept, and are some of the most organized and hard working fellas I’ve worked with! They have definitely got their game on.

We’ve chosen 6 paintings for canvas replicas that will be available starting Friday October 3rd, to coincide with their Artoberfest celebration. So if anyone is in the Baltimore area stop by the gallery!

The 6 available at TAG are: Convoluted Love, Frenemies, Cotton Candy Curly Cue, Weeping Swans, Sorceress and Juicy Forest Beastie.

And for the Canadian-based crowd, The Ayden Gallery also sells canvas giclees of a variety of pieces, including older paintings I’ve done for various shows at the Ayden and in Vancouver. Contact Ken at for the full listing of over 10 canvases available.

One of these canvases, Convoluted Love, has been donated by The Ayden Gallery for a very worthy cause. Canteen Life in Ottawa is hosting the “Little Big Show” on October 16th. All proceeds from the show are going to the Boys and Girls Club there. Since I am a native of Ottawa, Ontario, I am especially proud to be able to contribute!

Stay tuned for more updates soon! Including new fine art paper prints, previews for the upcoming gallery shows in New York and some vinyl updates too!

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