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Camilla d’Errico Artwork

Treat yourself this February 1st

It’s time to show yourself some love this February with Camilla’s Spa Day Collection available on her brand new website on February 1st at 9amPST!
More details about the new site later but first- the new goodies!
I am so excited for this brand-new kimono! This is the first time one of my designs will be available in this fabric, which is so luxe, it seemed only right to use the image of my royal Spectrum Girl, Lady Purpura. There are only 50 of these, so don’t wait to get yours!
Relax and unwind with these vanilla scented bath salts, handmade by Camilla!
Each pack is $8.50 and good for two baths or one super soak!
I ADORE exchanging Valentine’s Day Card so I couldn’t resist making my own! These are my first ever greeting cards, and they come with their own envelopes. There are 4 in each @20 pack so you can spread the love around!
I’m excited to be bringing back love inspired necklaces just right for Valentines! These are handmade with love and care, and no two are alike! You can order one for yourself, or tow, or three, and never get a repeat! Available in silver and rose gold hearts and circles, as well as antique gold and silver keys for $35 each!!
There will also be 2 brand new prints launching on the new
The Beginning and The End, featuring a double headed snake, and Light as a Feather; Strong as a Stone, with a beautiful clack pegasus, will both be making their debut at 9amPST on February 1st! These ladies were a part of the Beinart Gallery Show: Myths & Monsters where I was able to deep dive into legends and myths from around the world! We’re so excited to be offering these to you for the first time!
I’m debuting a BRAND NEW version of my website! All of my content- including PRINTS & PRODUCTS- will be available on one site for the first time ever! It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of work, and I’m thrilled to debut it for the month of LOVE!
Starting February 1st The Print Shop will no longer be online, so if you’re hoping to get one of the currently available prints- do your shopping now! Some of the currently available prints will be heading to The Vault as new items make their debut!
This site is getting a brand new make over but that’s not the only reason to visit…. the Valentines release is coming to the revamped new site! New content and a new site all on the same day!! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!
There will be something for everyone to love this February 1st!!

Melty Kitty is on sale NOW!

My newest painting, Melty Kitty, is debuting at Corey Helford Gallery, TODAY for the group show “Artist Collector Starter Kit”! This adorable kitty is full of joy and my wild rainbow imagination. If you are interested in the original please contact
With the debut of the painting I’ve I decided to release a very special edition print!
Melty Kitty is an $85 limited edition 12”x12″ unsigned print with a special spot gloss added to the bow and drops- so she really comes to life! There will only be 150 printed, and each print will come with a certificate of authenticity.
Collect her while you can, once sold out this image will not be remade!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2022!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and are starting 2022 off with a bang!

It’s amazing to start a new year fresh! So I’m so excited to bring new art to you this new year!
NEW 2022 EXCLUSIVE!! Coming tomorrow at 9amPST to The Print Shop one of my favorite pieces from my Myths & Monsters show- “Of Fate & Fortune” featuring two beautiful golden dragons. My lucky dragons are here to usher in the new year and wish you all good fortunes!  This image will be available on both lasal and entrada paper in multiple sizes. So there will be an option for all spaces and budgets! This print is exclusive to 2022 and will only be available this year. Come the new year she’ll be gone for good!
My newest painting is debuting at Corey Helford Gallery January 8th! This adorable kitty is full of joy and imagination! If you’re interested in the original piece please email
AND to celebrate the New YEar and the bebut of “Melty Kitty” she’s hitting my Print Shop on the 8th as an $85 limited edition 12″x12″ unsigned print with special spot gloss added to the bow and drops- so she really comes to life! There will only be 150 printed, each with a certificate of authenticity, BUT once she’s gone SHE’S GONE and will never be made again!
Let’s make this new year one to remember.

Complete your collection today!

SHE’S HERE!! The final print in my Spectrum Girls Series has hit my Print Shop!! Say hello to my purple girl: Lady Purpura!

Starting RIGHT NOW. 9AM PST on Friday, December 10th, you can get your hands on one of my Limited Edition 16×20″ Hand Embellished Fine Art prints (while supplies last!). She is embellished with 6 different iridescent paints, signed, and numbered, and printed on Entrada paper – the Rolls Royce of fine art papers! There are only 50 available so don’t wait!
Purple is the color of royalty and luxury and “Lady Perpetua” is the queen of the Spectrum girls. She is a wise ruler, representing the very essence of violet hues, she is devoted, peaceful, independent and as magical as the creatures that adorn her.
She is also available as an open edition print. So you can pick the size and price that’s right for you! She will be available to you in multiple unsigned and unembellished sizes.
Want to get your hands on ALL the ladies? Find all of the Spectrum Girls and make them yours!
You can also collect hand embellished prints of Dear Flavo, and Viridi!

Black Friday starts THIS Wednesday

My annual Black Friday release starts Wednesday November 24th at 9amPST. Featuring my first ever Black Friday Mystery Box packed with goodies, plus brand new items and sales on old favorites!

My beautiful Black Friday Box contains 2 exclusive signed prints “The Overworld and The Underbite” and “The Underworld and the Overbite”, a limited edition postcard of one of the images, 2 exclusive trading cards, and 7 mystery goodies!!! Plus 2 lucky boxes will get a surprise original drawing!!

This box contains over $200 worth of awesome and is available for $135! There are only 165 boxes so don’t wait to get yours!

ELEVEN brand new pillowcases are joining the shop! Designs are available in 2 types of fabric- canvas and poplin!! Made by an eco friendly printer and extreemly limited quantaties- don’t delay!

Get your own reversable doorhanger- and let others know to enter at their own risk!

Check out my brand new handheld mirror ! Featuring an inverted version of my Vitae Arcu!


Find 15% to 30% off on items throughout The Camilla Store and 25% off all regular prints on The Print Shop!

All orders placed Nov 24-30 will receive a download for Black Friday Release exclusive digital coloring pages, a digital print, AND a pysical gift in their order!!

Thank you all for your support of my Black Friday Release and Sale! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve picked up for yourselves!!

Myths & Monsters 2021 Beinart Gallery Exhibition

Here are some looks at my brand new solo show, Myths & Monsters, opening May 22nd at BeinArt Gallery in Australia and runs through June 13 2021!

There will be 12 one of a kind original paintings and 12 graphite drawings which will be available and I cant wait for you to see them all. Please contact to get on the PREVIEW LIST.

I’ve always been fascinated by the culture of monsters and urban legends and the mythologies that people around the world believe to be real. For thousands of years, humans have imagined and told others about the things that go bump in the night, or give reasons for the bubbles that surface from cold bodies of water. I adore the “what ifs” of these tales: if Cerberus, for example, were real, what would she want him to look like?

If you’re interested in any of the pieces from this gallery please send a message to

Green Spectrum Girl NOW LIVE!

Viridi Print Release Coming March 17th on

Your long wait is over! My next spectrum girl in the Color Wheel rainbow series is ready to release March 17th at 9amPST on my Print Shop

I thought it was fitting to welcome spring and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my emerald gal. Like the earth goddess Gaia herself she loves all the green creatures.

So set your alarms so you won’t miss out on the Limited Edition, Hand Embellished signed fine art edition of Viridi on my Print Shop which is limited to only 75 copies. This is your only chance to get a signed edition! So don’t miss out!

Each print is embellished with 4 iridescent paints. Trust me – my girl shines!!

As an added bonus: one lucky limited edition Viridi order will receive a free original drawing with their order! So get your order in before they run out, and get your chance to win this cutie.

There will also be an unsigned custom print option as well for those who want to choose the size they’d like. So mark your calendar’s for March 17th at 9amPST to get your copy of this green darlin on my Print Shop

Godiva For International Women’s Day 2021!

To celebrate International Women’s Day I’ve made my Goddess “Godiva” print available for 72 hours as a regular edition print on my Print Shop.

So from March 4th 9am PST until March 7th 9am PST – head over to my Print Shop and get your regular edition, lasal, unsigned, Godiva print!

“We all live under the same sky” is an Italian saying about unity which inspired me to create this painting for my “Sky” solo show in 2018. We all share the same planet so we should love each other no matter what size, gender or sexual preference. Beauty to me is about who we are in life, not what we look like.

So like Lady Godiva who rode naked to fight for the people’s rights, my lady is fighting for the rights of women to embrace and celebrate their bodies! We must fight for body positivity and honor the achievements of women who fought for our freedoms.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Coloring Pages Giveaway!

Coloring Page Giveaway Time 🚨 Because I love you all, I decided I wanted to do another round of FREE coloring pages. With the world still in lock down and everyone inside, it can be creatively stifling SO to let’s have some fun indoors.

Get creative and Snap up all three free pages below, print them off, grab some pencil crayons and settle in for some chilled out creativity! Post your colored art on social and tag me and use #camillacoloringcontest and #camilladerrico so I can pick one person to win a special PRIZE!!

There’s a page from each of my coloring books – available on my Etsy Shop at
Grab any of my coloring books: Pop Manga Coloring, Mermaids and Other Sea Creatures, or Cute and Creepy.

San Diego Comic Con Online Release Coming SOON!

Mark your calendars lovelies! Because pandemic or no – I’m still gonna bring you loads of goodies on my Etsy Shop for SDCC 2020’s Comic Con @ Home starting 9AM PST July 21st until 5PM PST July 26th!

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that SDCC has been officially cancelled (and if you hadn’t then I’m SO SO sorry I had to be the bearer of such bad news!). But fret not! I – like many of my fellow artist – am bringing my SDCC merchandise to you online!

I’ve got SO many great goodies headed your way on my Etsy Shop including daily original drawings giveaways; online exclusive fan badges; new mystery bundles; new one-of-a-kind totes, new original art, custom toys, kimonos, a brand new timed release print and so much more!

I’ll have 20% off my Custom Print Shop so make sure to take advantage of that when you head over there for my new Timed Release print “Senshi Hive”! She will be a 16”x20” Lasal signed and numbered print limited edition – numbered to the amount sold during the release. Whether that’s 50 or 500 – who knows?!

Because she’s a print she will ONLY be available on my Custom Print Shop – but don’t fret! Because supplies won’t run out! You just need to purchase her during the release: from Thursday 9am PST July 21st to Sunday 5pm PST July 26th. After the release ends she will be printed to the number that was sold, signed and numbered and then she’ll be gone forever! So don’t miss out on her.

All my other convention goodies will be waiting for you on The Camilla Store on Etsy! There will be brand new original sketches available for purchase. Loads of Sailor Moon art and the sailor scouts as fuzzbutts! And other pop culture art as well.

All the sketches are either 5”x7” or 8×10” and will come framed in ornate white frames. There’s only one of each drawing though! So don’t miss out!

I’ll have a handful of T-shirts available with all new images. They are all handmade in Poland, preshrunk and are really great quality!

There will be limited numbers and sizes. So if it says it’s sold out – then we’ve definitely sold out (unfortunately we won’t have any more hiding in “the back”). Sorry!! So don’t wait to buy the one you want or else you might miss out! Check out a sample fit of an old design below: