Color Ink Book at San Diego Comic-Con

The announcements for San Diego Comic-Con keep on coming! Today, we’re happy to announce that Camilla will be the cover artist for the latest Color Ink Book! We’ve teased the cover image before, but now we’re able to show the world the finished design!

If you don’t know about the project, Color Ink Book is a special black and white collection for people to color their own D.I.Y. images from a series of professional artists. It’s a really great product, and just look at only a few of the amazing covers that have come out in previous editions:




[Nathan Fox]


[Ron English]


[Alex Pardee]




[Joe Ledbetter]


[Jim Mahfood]


[Luke Chueh]

In the latest volume, Camilla will have at least twelve of her classic black and white art pieces that can be colored and customized, including a special black and white version of the cover image itself. The exact titles of all the works are super secret for now, but one will be Crocodile Fisherman, which first debuted at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. If you forgot what the image looks like, here it is:

The Color Ink Book will be available at SDCC, but only at booth 5569 because the collection will not be on-sale until sometime in August! So, those attending have the chance to get the jump on a copy before the public. Lucky! If you have trouble finding a copy, come see us at booth 4723 and we’ll point you in the right direction. ^_^

Camilla will be doing a signing of the book and her cover at the Color Ink Book table, booth 5569, on Sunday, July 24th, at 11:00am if you would like to get your hands on this special, advance release. And without further delay, here is the final image of the Color Ink Book, titled “Wireseat,” along with the full cover treatment. Hope to see you at SDCC!

Wireseat Color Ink


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