Comic Con Aftermath

Hey all, i am back home safe and sound…although i did loose my voice from all the talking i did at SDCC! It was really great seeing so many of you there and meeting all the wonderful new people that came by the booths.
I am so happy to have such wonderful people enjoy my work, you are all so amazing to me!

Here are some pics for those who missed the fun times!

Check out the line up just to get our pro badges….the line for pre-registration was INSANE!!

Preview night was like swimming up stream in a river full of salmon…it was crazy.

There I am signing some pre-released copies of the collected trades. They sold out by the second day!! I was so thrilled that people liked the book. I only wish Serena had been there with me, she was dearly missed at the con!

The last night there…so beautiful!!

I’ll post more pics soon!

Ciao! Ciao!

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