Conventions Report – 1st weekend down, many more to go!

Hello, hello!! My voice hasn’t quite recovered from Emerald City Comic Con and I’m still reeling from the mass of people that were there.  I had three of the bestest helpers a girl could ask for, and we found out that next year the show will be extended to three days!  Here are a few photos for ya!

So thank you to everyone who came out and supported me, bought from me and chatted with me. It was awesome and a great way to kick off convention season.  While I was in Seattle, Nancy was kickin’ it in Orlando, bringing my merchandise out to Florida for the first time ever at MEGACON.  She really had an awesome time, and you should check her pics out on Flickr and on the Facebook Fanpage.  She does a much better job than I do with photos and videos and all that, but I promise I’ll do my best to get more photos too. It’s on!!  Here are a few of hers:

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about and from Nancy soon. In fact, she’ll be writing to the blog under her pseudonym and guise, Nanacon, telling everyone about the conventions she’ll be going to, new products we get in stock, and generally keeping us updated about online store promotions and anything related to merchandise.  She’s a ball of energy, and more excited about the products than me sometimes ;).

Anyone with questions about products, the online store, conventions can ask Nancy directly. You can email her at and follow her on Twitter @nancyrenatta.

As we both recover from last weekend, I’m off to paint, and Nancy will be getting us ready for the Spring Break convention weekend, April 2-4th … I’ll be at Wondercon and Nanacon will be at Sakuracon!  Make sure you hit us with your special merchandise requests and we’ll bring them, special delivery!

Cheers y’all!

1 thought on “Conventions Report – 1st weekend down, many more to go!

  1. I love that photo of Nancy in between those two robotic outfitted guys!! The stand looks awesome, and its no surprise that it was such an attention-getter. I hope Seattle is ready for her, because I think she’s gonna rock something serious at Sakura-Con!

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