Crazy Cool Disassembled Tears Doll!

I absolutely MUST share this with everyone!  This is a Zombuki. And the creator of Zombuki dolls, Brigitte, got inspired one night in a dream to create a Pullip doll inspired by Disassembled Tears!  How cool is that?!  And this is the result!  Personally, I’m floored by this, jaw-dropping, jumping up and down, excited at how she turned out.  Awesome skills!



Here’s a gallery of work in progress images from the work Brigitte did while putting her together:

Thanks Brigitte! I can’t wait to see what your beautiful creative mind comes up with next!



6 thoughts on “Crazy Cool Disassembled Tears Doll!

  1. I love Brigitte’s work, and I was introduced to /your/ work through her blog. You guys both rock!

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