Dark Pop Opening September 6 at Last Rites Gallery

Next Saturday, September 6, New York City — Last Rites Gallery opens its Dark Pop exhibition!  Curated by  Andrew Michael Ford (director of Ad Hoc Art) this show is early for Halloween but brings out the dark side in us all!

No fairy tales, frilly lace or doves here!  The idea was to take artists out of their comfort zone and go deeper, darker … artists who don’t usually go there.  And the other artists participating include: Lisa Alisa, Esao Andrews, D”holbachie, Imminent Disaster, Ron English, The Dirty Fabulous, Ewelina Ferruso, Gaia, Sarah Joncas, kozyndan, Tessar Lo, David MacDowell, Jeff McMillan, MOMO, Gilbert Oh, Pagan, Peripheral Media Projects, Isabel Samaras, Chris Stain, Nicole Steen, Gary Taxali, Connie Wang, Jaeran Won and more! Its a pretty mixed group and the show promises to take everyone into another level!

Last Rites will release a preview this coming Saturday, so for anyone who wants to get on the preview list, contact the gallery.

And yes, what you see here is most certainly my piece: The Purple Tear Girl.

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