DIY Vinyl All Over The World

Tomorrow, November 28th, Disney and Mindstyle kick off their 626 Experiment Custom Tour in Hong Kong at Mindstyle’s Creative Space, Delay No Mall.  The tour is literally world-wide, stopping for a few weeks at a time in select cities, ending in Hawaii 2009.  Working on this canvas: giant, big-eared, and totally fun STITCH I got crazy! Tony Tony Lollipop is the result!

And, just a few days later, on December 1st, the DCTO Jibun Project custom show opens in Los Angeles, at the Japanese American National Museum. Dacosta Bayley is curating the show and the theme is “Dreams to Dreams”, based on the poem of the same title which speaks to childhood dreams, possibilities and looking to the future. For anyone in the LA area, opening reception is the following Saturday, December 6th.  A strange shape, but still an interesting canvas to work on. Behold: Fire Ant.

Please check out Mindstyle and Chocolatesoop for more information on both shows!

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