Event Blast!

Hey everyone! Okay, so i’ve been a little bad with my updating…sorry, sorry, but for good reasons, i’ve been painting and drawing like an artist on waaaay to much sugar!

I have lots to tell you! First the BaxBear show was amazing, unbelievable…insane, need i go on?!! Well, instead of me raving about it, let me show you ^__^

This was the inside of El Kartel…packed, packed and can i mention how packed it was! Honestly, it was like this from 9:00pm to midnight when i left!!

Another view of the madness!

Here I am with Kei Sawada, he is such a cutie and so nice ^__^ Check out his website!
Kei’s Website

And the actual toys! You can go to BaxBear Website to check out the rest of the amazing pics and toys!! OSO rocks!

And of course it doesn’t end there, the next week was Vancouver Fashion Week and my dear friend and amazing clothing designer Daniel Gonzalez was a featured designer! And he featured one of my tanpopo drawings on a couple of his pieces! What a fun time, Daniel is amazing and tons of fun, just look how much he likes his bacon ^__^

You can pick up one of the Damage tshirts that have my image on them at El Kartel in Vancouver!

Check this out!

Incidentally, we are colaborating on some new limited edition clothing for December. You’ll see, i’ve gone a little crazy and picked up some amazing hoodies and scarfs to do some extremely limited prints on!!
If anyone wants to receive my mail outs, so you can be first in line to get one of these “one-of-a-kind” pieces then just go to my website MAILING LIST
and sign up!

So that’s it for now. I’ll try to send you all a little preview of what i’ve been up to lately as soon as i can. But for now, enjoy these pics and we’ll chat again soon!!

Big HUG!

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