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Hi guys!

I’m back into the swing of things after an energizing trip to Hong Kong and a deathly aftermath of a flu that literally kept me bedridden for 8 days.  And here I thought I’d be able to really stick to my schedule!  Ha ha, dream on, dream on.

While I was away, the “Under the Influence” He-Man show opened at Gallery 1988. Check out all the artwork on the blog. The show got a lot of press, and apparently the install was pretty mean!  The show runs until January 29th, so if you haven’t gone, you’ve still got a week to get there.

On the day He-Man closes in LA, a new pop-up exhibition opens in Vancouver. Hosted by HERE IS NOW, this exhibition pulls together a ton of Vancouver contemporary artists and shows their work in unconventional spaces.  The exhibition is at Chapel Arts, Vancouver and the opening is going to be packed with art, artists, live music and more! I’ve got some artwork in this exhibition too ^_^.  It’s a Friday night so Vancouverites you have no excuse!  Come out!

Hot on the heels of the HERE IS NOW, is the show at The Ayden, simply called 5. Yes, the number 5. It stands for 5 great artists, one exhibition, and a chance for the world to see our art, during Vancouver’s two weeks in the Olympics spotlight! The 5 artists are BC contemporary artists and we’re all regulars at The Ayden.  I’m exploring the theme of Canadian nature and culture. Nature isn’t new to me, but I get to really show my pride and love of Canada with this, so I’m really stoked. The show opens on February 13th, the day after Olympics opening ceremonies.

The day before the ‘5’ show, another show opens across the continent, in a completely different environment. I know, I know, this could get sticky and controversial, but I’m equally excited to contribute a piece to the Dirty Show, which takes place within the International Erotic Art Exhibition –  the Dirty Show.  Anyone who may find this disturbing, I’d invite you to read about the Dirty show.  I hope I’m not alienating any loving fans or Moms and Dads of my fans, but I am looking forward to this show too! I’ll be contributing one new, ‘dirty’ piece to a show within the exhibition, called The Red Light Exhibit! And I’m in good company:


Work in progress shots of all new pieces are on their way! And my next update will be about comics and covers. For now, mark your calendars for these art events and thanks for the love and support.


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