Free Shipping for 48 Hours

Missed Boxing Day Sales? Well, we have something even better! Get anything from The Official Camilla d’Errico Store and we will ship your items free of charge! We’re not drunk on eggnog, we’re simply in the jolly mood for more Holiday Giving – and Receiving!


And remember to stay in touch with us on the new Camilla d’Errico Store Facebook page! Merry Post-Christmas, we’ll catch you on the Online Store.


Free shipping will be available to anyone, from anywhere, but only for purchases made anytime between Friday, December 30th and Saturday December 31st. It’s our Big Goodbye to 2011 – and a special THANK YOU for all your loyal support and love of Camilla d’Errico products.


** Please note: you must select FREE SHIPPING as an option at checkout.

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