Getting Ready for Anime North – 2nd Year For Me!

I’m madly painting away, trying to keep my deadline for the Thinkspace show in September in LA. I’ll have some work in progress shots to share soon … I’m going a little crazy, doing something different but am stoked about it so I hope you will be too.

So why madly painting? Because I’m going to Anime North for the convention this weekend. Look out Toronto, I’m coming back! I’ve been invited again as special guest, lovin’ the lovin’ I’m getting from the organizers!

And I’m going also to support some truly amazing fans. These girls – I’m in awe of them! They made HELMETGIRLS costumes for cosplay!!! Check them out. I couldn’t miss out on going, they worked so hard!

And here is a primer for anyone who’s heard of my comic book BURN, it’s now a WEBCOMIC! Read it for free, then stop by my booth to pick up your copies of the floppies. These will not be reprinted since Simon Schuster is publishing BURN as a graphic novel in October!!  

See you in Toronto — and then next week — see you in Dallas for A-Kon! More on that after Toronto!!

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