Hear Danielle Roar for Walking For Lions



Lions are magestic and inspirational creatures! Camilla has joined together with Walking For Lions, an organization dedicated to lion conservation, to raise funds for their May Walk. Camilla’s painting image Hear Danielle Roar is now an 11×14″ Mini Print here, and 50% of proceeds of these prints sold in the month of May will be donated to Walking For Lions.


Last month we raised $410 for Ocean River Institute, and March’s charity print saw just over 200$ to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Your support with Camilla’s Charity Print efforts are making a difference for organizations that need it!


Walking For Lions



Conservation organizations are finding that official government census numbers for wild lion populations are often not accurate. We have lost more than 75% of our wild lion populations in Africa over the last few decades, and numbers are declining fast. Causes for this vary from losing wild food and available land, encounters with farmers, trophy hunting, and most alarmingly a rise in the human consumption of lion meat and bones.


The most important factor of the walk is that we will reach millions of people. We would like to create global awareness locally and internationally and give people something to think about when it comes to various aspects of lion conservation.

– Walking For Lions


Your purchase of a Hear Danielle Roar Mini Print here or at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival May 25-26 will see 50% of sales proceeds go to support Walking For Lions. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, you can follow WFL’s website for updates or Like them on Facebook. Or contact us info@camilladerrico.com


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