I can finally let the ‘Secret’ out!


I am so happy to finally be able to talk about this! The print I did for Neil Gaiman! This project was so inspiring, not only because Neil is one of my all time favorite authors and his words inspire me, but because the story itself is so awesome – alien girls and evil glares … reminds me of my sister! ha ha!

Anyways, this image is coming out as a limited edition print – only 1200 on the neverwear.net website, and I even get a little stash of my own soon, which I’ll be selling and each one will be signed.  For now, for those who don’t want to wait, go to Neil’s site and pick one up.

Also, while you’re there, check out the blog. I must say, working with Kitty was so much fun – she’s full of energy and enthusiasm and was a jewel. Go team!  And hopefully, if ever our paths (schedules) will cross, I’ll get to meet Neil. Meanwhile, I’ll be signing these babies at the CBLDF booth in San Diego. I don’t know when or where yet, but when I do I’ll post about it.

Now I have to run off to finish Tanpopo 2 so I don’t miss the printer’s deadline! I’ll have the book in time for San Diego.


2 thoughts on “I can finally let the ‘Secret’ out!

  1. Please let me know when you have the signed prints of these available. I would love to purchase 1. Thank you and congratulations! That is so awsome that you did this of Neil Gaiman. I’ve been a fan of his since Sand Man Comics began coming out. And your stuff rocks the casba!

    1. I will! As soon as I have them, and have signed them, I’ll post about it. Should be late June, early July.
      I’ll also have some at San Diego con. I’ll be signing at the CBLDF booth too! Yay!!

      Thanks for your fanship, I am really floored at the great response from everyone. I hope the site has gone back up!

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