Frequently Asked Questions About Camilla d’Errico’s Practice and Website

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Where does Camilla get her inspiration from? How does she come up with her ideas?

Camilla says she’s inspired by a lot of things, from other art and music, to words and patterns that catch her interest. Sometimes she gets a part of an idea for a detail or colour, and builds a piece around that. She feels her work is very interpretive and emotional, and that it’s neat when a piece means different things to different people. What do you see in her work?

What kind of paint does Camilla use?

Camilla prefers Holbein Aqua Duo paints, which are a water soluble oil paints. She often uses these paints on wooden panels for her colour pieces, and acrylics and inking pens on canvas. Some pieces Camilla draws by hand, and then colours digitally on her computer.

Can I commission Camilla to do a custom painting or drawing?

Camilla works on many painting, drawing, and graphic novel projects at the same time, as well as traveling to exhibitions and conventions. She doesn’t often have many chances to take custom commission requests. However, you’re welcome to e-mail us at if you have a specific inquiry.

I read that Camilla did sketches for her fans at a Convention. Can I get one?

Camilla has recently begun taking commission requests for sketches that are made available at Comic and Anime Conventions she attends. These pieces are limited to pick-up at select conventions, in limited numbers. For more information you’re welcome to e-mail us at

Why can’t I order a sketch and have Camilla send it to me?

We are not shipping convention sketches at this time. Packaging and shipping original art is a delicate and expensive process. If an original is damaged or lost during shipping, it is not able to be replaced easily the way an item from the online store can be. If you have commissioned work inquiries as an art collector, you are welcome to inquire at about shipping original artworks.

How much do Camilla’s drawings and paintings cost?

Camilla’s line-art drawings and paintings have different gallery listed costs depending on the piece, size, medium, and the gallery it is available at. Camilla’s pieces are considered Fine Art paintings and original works, and are priced according to contemporary gallery works size and medium standards. If you are a collector, or representing a collector, you’re welcome to e-mail us at for serious inquiries.

Would Camilla collaborate with me, or my creative team, on a graphic novel or project?

Camilla’s project schedule is often very full, with overlapping projects and deadlines. She is not always available to take on new projects, and contributes at standardized industry cover and page rates. Camilla does enjoy contributing to anthology projects, and collaborating, when she is able to. If you or your team have an interest in including Camilla in your work, you’re welcome to tell us about your project at

Will Camilla come to a convention near where I live?

Camilla enjoys traveling to exhibitions and conventions. She works hard on many paintings and graphic novel projects all throughout the year, so she isn’t able to make it to every show and exhibition. Keep your eye on Camilla’s Blog and Facebook pages to see which shows she is going to be attending.

I have a blog/write reviews, will Camilla do an interview?

Camilla’s project schedules keep her very busy, or working long hours. She does enjoy making time to provide interview answers by e-mail. If you’re interested in publishing an interview, you’re welcome to e-mail us at