And it is with great, grandiose and gargantuan pride that I present to you:


Kuro is finally here for everyone! I know I’ve been showing off the prototype since Wondercon in February. He had to be just right and that took a long time to achieve, plus these new testing regulations for toys (which we passed with flying colors), and then shipping … what an adventure!


You can get Kuro from your favorite store that carries all the designer art toys and merch – and if they don’t carry it – tell them they should! Or you can get him from me, in person, at conventions. He isn’t available through my online store for now — sorry!


The good thing is that I’ll be at A-Kon in Dallas this weekend coming up (May 29-31), then in June I’ll be at Anime Evolution in Vancouver, then I’ll be in San Diego with my own stand in Small Press. So there are lots and lots of opportunities to pick up your own little booty-boy!


Help me spread the word and find Poodle-Kuro good homes … there aren’t many, since this was something I wanted to do for fun and not to start a full scale toy-making operation.  I’ve always wanted my own plushie and now this dream has also come true.

6 thoughts on “KURO HAS LANDED!!!

  1. Are there any stores in Vancouver where I can pick up Kuro (won’t be able to make Anime Evolution)?

    1. I hope so 🙂 Maybe Elfsar, Voltage, even Prints Charming who buy from me might pick them up. The plush just got here so no stores have them yet. I’m sure they will soon!

    1. I don’t know if any stores have ordered yet, but Cartoon Art Museum has ordered from me before so they would be good to call up. I’ll have an update on store orders next week and will post it!

  2. Do you know if any of these little guys will be available for online orders?
    I LOVE your work and collect plush – it’s the perfect synergy… I hope.

    1. Hi! where do you live? For now we don’t have them on the online store since they are going to toy stores (so you could ask your local store to order them) or we’re just selling at the conventions I’ll be going to. I might have some available online after the summer. I hope you can get one, but hang tight ’cause we’ll find a way!

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