Kuro Vinyl Toys Now Available Online

Great news! After months of only being available at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, the much anticipated Kuro vinyl toys are available online from Inner Sanctum!

There are three different varieties of Kuro vinyl based on the devilish character from Camilla d’Errico’s Tanpopo series – now on MTV Geek and soon to be published by BOOM! Studios – and each variation is still available to order online through the Inner Sanctum store.

Choose from the SDCC Glow In The Dark version, the standard Black & White version, or the customizable DIY version. But hurry! There’s no telling how long these highly collectable figures will be available during the holiday shopping season.

To show everyone how much fun the DIY version can be, d’Errico Studios’ wonderful and lovely assistant Tasha has created some amazing designs of her own that we’re excited to share!

(This one is called Benjamin.)

(This one is called Loki.)

Fantastic job Tasha! Tasha is hard at work on a student project called A Gorey Demise Storybook, and she could use some support. So, use the link to check out the impressive hand-bound book she’s looking to make in the coming weeks.

Finally, we’ve started a special Facebook and Twitter page for people to get in touch with us about any questions or issues in our E-Store. We hope these channels will make it easier for everyone to contact us about ordering merchandise in the coming weeks as people starting looking for gifts.

Thanks, everyone! Hope you’re having a terrific fall!

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