Lady Purpura is coming!

Get ready lovelies! The next and last girl in my Color Wheel rainbow hits my Custom Print Shop on December 10th at 9AM PST!! Say hello to my purple girl: Lady Purpura!

Starting at 9AM PST on Friday, December 10th you’ll be able to get your hands on one of my Limited Edition 16×20″ Hand Embellished Fine Art print (while supplies last!). She is embellished with 6 different iridescent paints, signed, and numbered (in an edition of 50) and printed on Entrada paper – the Rolls Royce of fine art papers!

Purple is the color of royalty and luxury and “Lady Perpetua” is the queen of the Spectrum girls. She is a wise ruler, representing the very essence of violet hues, she is devoted, peaceful, independent and as magical as the creatures that adorn her.

She will also be released as an open edition print. So you can pick the size and price that’s right for you! She will be available to you in other unsigned and unembellished sizes!

While you’re there pick up the other 2 hand embellished prints that still remain! The Yellow Girl, Dear Flavo, and the Green Girl, Viridi!

Want to get your hands on ALL the ladies? Find all of the Spectrum Girls and make them yours!