Limited Winter Clothing

Hey all! So i’ve done it again and gone crazy with fashion! As a special December treat and just in time for Christmas i am making a limited edition of clothes.
This is a one time deal, which means that once these items sell out-THAT’S IT-no more.
There will be 8 different colored scarfs limited to less than 10 each, some of them i’m only making 5 of!!
I have hoodies for girls and guys, but the guys i only have 1 each!! I have 2 of each for the ladies ^__^
These are special fur-lined hoodies (but not the real kind cause that’s just mean!) and again, SUPER limited and super warm and comfy!

i’ve also printed on casual hoodies for the girls as well which are limited to 2 of each size and color. i went out and hand picked these, which means they are really nice, not mass produced and fitted!

I will upload pics of the clothing soon so that you can see just what i have in store for you!
Then once i put those images on my blog on Monday Dec 03, you can then go to my ONLINE STORE and pre-order the clothes.
If you want the clothing you have to purchase it by Monday December 10th to get it in time for Christmas. I stop taking orders after that because i am going on Christmas vacation, the week after, so I won’t be able to ship anything until Jan 1st when i get back.

If you do live in area and pre-order it online, just email me and you can save yourself shipping by picking them up from me in person!

Have a great day everyone!!

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