Live Painting Videos

Quick note to let you all know that I’ve been uploading videos of recent live painting panels to my Youtube channel. The first video is from San Diego Comic Con when I did a one hour session at the Holbein booth.  You can see the whole video here.


This pretty pink girl was a test with those hues; I tried the Holbein gouache paints, which are pretty darn good. I love my Duos but I’m also really liking the gouaches!  I still haven’t finished this piece, but I will soon!


The second video is from Anime Evolution in Vancouver.  This was more of a panel where I was able to answer questions and talk to the crowd. I had a lot of fun and this is the painting that will be at The Ayden Gallery in December, on the 10th, for my annual December Release Party!

Anime Ev Camilla


I’ve decided to bite the bullet with video and really get into it, so keep your eyes open for my upcoming fun project:  I’ll be uploading a weekly video of me drawing comics, painting, sketching, or just creating art from my studio! So please join me on Youtube and subscribe to my channel. See you there!


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