Live Paintings!

Some old, some new …

I’ve escaped the city of Vancouver!  The madness is behind me, at least for this week coming up.  I was up at Cypress Mountain on Thursday, and I have to admit that it was a really amazing experience; I got to be a part of the Olympics, and it was special. I also got to watch some of the half pipe competition during my breaks. Seeing an Olympic sporting event live is something else!

For the painting itself, I got a big 8 foot panel to paint on, right at the foot of the venue’s finish.  The entire set of photos is on my Flickr page, and here are a few from the set:


… the canvas ….


… getting started ….


… the venue, the crowd …


… The Lifegiver …



If you’re wondering what the ‘old’ is, of the live painting photos, it is the Spectaction event from December!  At Spectaction I painted a new piece, plus I customized a Tanpopo giclee. More information about The Arts Benevolence League, and their spin on benefit events, check them out here.  This is a photo from the live paint, plus the entire set is on Flickr:


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