LYRIC 2012 – “33 Dragon Tears” for Group Show Curated by Glenn Barr

It’s with great pleasure that we announce a brand-new Camilla d’Errico original piece that will be included in celebrated pop-artist Glenn Barr’s special group show at the 323East Gallery titled LYRIC 2012, opening next weekend in Michigan.

Barr’s impressive work has captivated collectors and fans for years, and it’s no surprise as to why – just look at his piece titled “December” below:

“Music and its LYRICS can always stimulate our emotions as well as having us contemplating a visional narrative. Artists have been known to use lyrics as inspiration and with this have created some of the greatest works in the world. This exhibition will illuminate the artist’s personal transcription from a song lyric to canvas.” – Glenn Barr

With Barr’s above statement acting as the framework for the group show, Camilla has created a new work titled “33 Dragon Tears” inspired by the Portland musician Sophe Lux and her song “Elektra 33” from the 2007 album Waking the Mystics.

Other creators in the show include Japanese artist Eimi, the ever iconic Luke Chueh, mind-bender Travis Louie, extraordinary graffiti artist Revok, psychedelic master Beau Stanton, plus Jeff Soto, Tristan Eaton, David Vecchiato, and many more!

If you remember, Camilla participated in Barr’s music-themed show before, creating a pieced titled “Broken” that was inspired by the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach.

Without further delay, here is the public unveiling of  “33 Dragon Tears” by Camilla d’Errico:

The original framed piece will be on display and available for sale. Please contact to arrange a purchase if you would like this piece in your collection.

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