New Book!

I’ve been a productive little artist this month! Its finally finished, my passion project..

The lovely cover…ahh…so cute.

This book is a full 24 pages long, and reads just like a comic book…but its more than that. I love literature…let me rephrase…I LOVE literature and this poetry book is an inspiration from Goethe’s “FAUST: A DRAMATIC POEM” which is considered Germany’s greatest literary piece.
All of the passages and dialogue is taken from the story but with my special manga twist I’ve reconstituted it into a story about a young girl and “my” version of Mephistopheles.
You can get a copy at my ONLINE STORE where i will be selling the first edition.
I really wanted to blend the world of traditional literature and modern day manga, i think we could use more of it in our lives…the language of poetry.

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