New Painting Debut!

Corey Helford Gallery virtually opens their 15th Anniversay show tonight! And I’m so honoured to be a part of the show with my piece “Unweaving a Rainbow”.

At 1pmPST I’ll be part of the gallery’s IG live event. So join me and the other artists in the show for a special time!

At the center of our worlds exists our souls. Within that is a vast prism of color made up of our creativity, serenity, passion, anger, love and it swirls around us like an ocean. Outside the world is out of our control, like a storm brewing on the edge of our consciousness. We can choose to be in the eye of the storm, shielded by our hearts and never letting that darkness touch who we are. And in so doing you will always see the rainbow that is hidden inside you.

The original painting has SOLD!

But if you are interested in any other original paintings from the show please email