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I know that Christmas is around the corner, and this will be my last post till after Christmas, since I’m really going to take a few days off (I really am, this is not a joke!).  But before the final countdown begins, I wanted you to know that Gallery Nucleus has a new limited edition print available of Quintetto:

The print is a 50 piece hand signed and numbered by me on each piece (18×10 watercolour).  The prints are truly beautiful! I know quite a few people had asked me about making Quintetto into a print, so contact the gallery to get yours. The price is also nice – $60! This print is only available through Nucleus, I don’t have any available through my site or on my online store.

I’ll be back with a last 2008 post before closing out the year and peeking into 2009 :).

Merry Christmas!


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