New Show debuts today!

My newest series debuts today with the Haven Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach 2021!

I poured so much of my emotions from the past year into these three pieces. They tell a story of struggle and ultimately recovery. I always want to spread positivity, but it can be hard when life tries it’s hardest to make things painful. This year I had to cut ties with a friend, developed tendonitis, and have been emotionally drained…and I thought 2020 was a beast!

What I learned is that if you can’t beat em, eat em! 🌈😋

I took all of that negative energy and channelled it into my artwork. So i literally absorbed it and used it as fuel! Take that 2021! (I mean…let’s just get along ok, you be nice and I’ll be nice 😙)

These paintings are so meaningful and I hope they find wonderful homes. So if your interested in them please contact Erica at

I wish you all the very best and this year is kind to you.