New Website!

Hi, everyone! Thanks for taking a look at the new website. What do you think? Pretty nice, huh? It’s so neat to update this site right after the Tanpopo website launched just a few weeks ago.

There’s a lot of things going on this month, including Fan Expo in Toronto, which we’ll have details about very soon.

So, take a look around, if you see anything that should be fixed, please leave a comment here, or over on the Facebook page, and we’ll do our best to address the issue. You’ll notice that theĀ Comics and Art categories have been rearranged to give people an easier time to see the work.

New clothes, prints, and other products will start to be loaded into the online store over the next few weeks, so check back whenever you get the urge, and maybe you’ll find something new!

Good things are happening, and it’s because of your support that we’re able to continue to expand and create new projects. Thank you! And hope to see you back here soon. ^_^

3 thoughts on “New Website!

  1. Love the new website… Big fan of your work,,, is amazing, full of color and expressions… innocent, sexy, dark… I truly admire you.. hope to see u down in South Florida USA soon!!!!.

  2. So excited that the new site is up! Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful art with us! Your talent amazes me!

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