New York Aftermath!

I know i’m late in blogging, but here is my recap of my amazing trip to New York a couple of weeks ago.
Let me say that New York City, is an incredible experience all in itself. it has whimsy and grit, gum littered sidewalks and neon signs that sparkle in the night, wandering people and street vendors named Candyman and an assortment of dive bars that make you giggle with shivers…i can’t wait to go back!

The convention itself was full of wonderful experiences and meetings. I was able to wander the conventions unbound by a booth and take it in like a true comic fan. But yet, i did a lot of professional meanderings and was able to talk to quite a few people at DC and I am happy to be able to announce that I will be working with Grant Morrisson on a new project for DC Comics!! We start soon, and I for one cannot wait to draw for one of comics most adored and respected writers!!

On to the fun stuff. These pics are only a tiny smattering of what i toke while there. Enjoy ^__^

I stayed in a hotel in the theatre district of NY, just around the corner from Times Square. It was incredible to step out into the city in a neon blaze for the senses.

Ahhh…the DC booth. I spent a lot of time hanging out here and i’m over the moon about being able to work with them as an artist. Just wait till Comic Con when they go all out!

I also had a chance to be at the Darkhorse Booth and chit chat with David Scroggy, the man responsible for the journal and stationary set. He is a wonderful, wonderful man and it was a lot of fun sitting in the DH booth too ^__^

Check out this pic. This was on the way to the convention, we stumbled upon these benches and i was overtaken by a sudden urge to capture this moment and immortalize it.

Okay, now, if you like hotdogs and especially if you don’t care for a weiner in a bun…this place will change your life! It was my favourite spot in the city, and our adventures constantly led us back to this amazing oasis of taste sensations. My friends, Jan and Josh were as smitten by this place as i was…oh papaya how i love thee.

China town says it and the world should see it…i LOVE PINK too!!

My last pic in the big apple, farewell city, we shall meet again soon!!

Alberto, Porn, Joshua, Jan, Josh, Skyla, thank you for making my trip the best i could have ever hoped it to be. ^____^

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