Nightmares and Fairytales 21

Hello lovely people. I have a special little preview for the next issue of Nightmares and Fairytales..21! Inspired by Serena’s amazing writing and beautiful sense of dark delights, issue 21 is by far one of the best issues i’ve ever drawn!

Cover for 21

…so many mermaids…

i loved Lucas, he such a bad man…

its actually a lot of fun to draw circus folk…but that tatooed man he was a tough one!

It came together so beautifully, i am beyond happy with how it turned out. It might be because I was, for the first time,able to draw steamy scenes and strange exotic people in a comic book.

I believe it comes out in November, so make sure you go to your retailers and get a copy. If you like mermaids, carnies, and sexy ladies pick up the issue when it comes out!


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