Nightmares Final Issue out

Hello everyone,

So I am happy and sad today, because i can announce the release of Nightmares and Fairytales 23 in stores and sad to report that this is the final issue of the series.
It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with Serena on this series. Her wonderful writing, darling character and inspiration has made this one of my favourite books to ever draw.
Thank you Serena!

Cover art, a colaboration between myself and the mucho talented Jeff Simpson ^__^

Raw art from the book, enjoy the spoils of behind the scenes!

I loved this storyline and i especially loved that jerko Lucas…sexy yet what a bastard!

I’d like to give a special thank you to the fans of SLG and of Nightmares who have supported us. I hope you enjoy the final issue.
But fret not, this summer the collected trade of issues 19-23 will be ready just in time for Comic Con 2008!

All my love to the readers, and SLG and Serena!

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